Couples Counselling

Although it might feel impossible right now, couples counselling can save even the most troubled relationships.

Since you have found your way to a couples therapy website, you’re probably having some problems in your relationship that are causing you pain and distress. Chances are that things have been happening that make you worried if the two of you can do it alone.

In my practice, I help couples who have struggled for months or even years before seeking a couples therapist.

Many couples in trouble wait until things have gotten pretty bad before they seek a marriage therapist or counselor. You both may feel a bleak sense of hopelessness. The two of you are distinct and unique individuals and you come together consciously and unconsciously in a very complex manner.

Most people reach out for help in the relationship because they want to find a path that will allow them to stay together. Therapy can be an adventure where you are guided and protected on the way to finding each other. Relationships do not need to be perfect and therapy will not make it such. Rather, a relationship can be a dynamic and organic experience where you learn to be yourself deeply with another human.

With my specialized experience and training in couples counselling I can help you and your partner be with your problems with a new perspective and move towards a creative process that helps you move closer to the kind of relationship that you desire. I use some of the most advanced, clinically proven, couples therapy techniques to help you resolve these problems and grow closer together. I will pay close attention to the soul of your relationship and help you both find the strengths that hide within it.

Benefits of a Specialized Approach to Couples Therapy

The use of research-based marital therapy techniques such as Emotion Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method of Relationship Therapy lets you know that you will work with someone who is trained in specialized and proven methods of couple therapy. I can help you understand some of the ways that successful couples succeed in their relationships.

Imagine a relationship that is strong, flexible and connective. I can help you master proven techniques that deepen your respect for each other and facilitate loving connection and a sense of belonging together.