Individual Counselling

Many people find that when they work collaboratively with a therapist they are motivated to find ways to achieve a greater sense of inner balance.

Do you wish you could understand patterns in your life?

Are you unhappy or discontent?

Are you struggling with life and relationships?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you apathetic about your life?

Are you anxious or nervous a lot of the time?

Do you wish you felt better about your self?

Do you wish you understood why you feel the way that you do?

People decide to use a therapist for many unique reasons. Sometimes it is because it is a safe and private place to explore our responses to the world. Other times therapy can be used to gain a different perspective on a particular situation. A person can learn skills that help with coping with stress, depression or anxiety. I believe that a better understanding of our past patterns, and how they impact present behaviours can help people move towards gentle acceptance and change. Exploring yourself in the presence of a therapist can provide the impetus for change in your life within the context of a unique, safe and nurturing relationship.

I provide therapy for a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues and malaise. My approach includes a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, an engagement in exploration of patterns from your past, as well as research based skill-building techniques. I draw from the extensive research that has been done on attachment. I also use techniques from psychoanalytic psychology. I weave in neurological and evolutionary explanations for behaviour to help you understand some of the reasons you experience difficulties and work with you to build on your natural strengths. The practice of working with another person as you deeply explore areas in your life can be very helpful to individuals who want sustained change. I work with adults, teens, and children.