Depression in Pregnancy

If you have a personal history of coping with anxiety or depression, pregnancy can be a complicated time.

Do you have a history of depression?

Are you feeling sad and unhappy during your pregnancy?

Do you wish you were feeling better about yourself during this pregnancy?

Are you worried about post-partum depression?

Have you used anti-depressants in the past to help you cope with depression?

Change is all around and it may feel overwhelming. You may worry about how your moods and self-states may affect you after your little baby is born. Decisions about continuing medication may come up and make you feel concerned. Therapy can provide you with an understanding of the medical research in this field. It can also help you learn techniques to help you manage your anxiety and depression. Working with a trained therapist is a research-proven and effective way to both cope with and reduce the impact of anxiety and depression during pregnancy.

I began my career as a Registered Midwife and worked in Ontario providing prenatal, labour and birth, and post-partum care. My approach is one that draws on my knowledge of the transition to parenthood and the physiological and psychological adaptation to this time in your life. We will work together to set up a schedule of visits during key points in your pregnancy to help you plan and manage your depression or anxiety. The care can include, if applicable, sessions with your partner.